If you want to experience something that is authentically Thai then get on to one of the boat tours. The boat has been the traditional mode of transport for the Thai’s and a journey along its waterways makes for a memorable experience. But if you want to really experience something very scenic with all the luring sights of Bangkok on offer, then take a boat tour into one of the Canals and savour the Thai saga.  Let us take a boat and journey into some of its popular canal tours and check what all is there on offer.

Bangkok Canal Boat Tour
Mahasawat Canal Boat Tour: Mahasawat is about 50 kms from Bangkok and is located in the Nakhon Pathom Province. For any one keen on knowing a little bit about the agriculture and horticulture of Thailand, the Mahasawat Canal tour offers to be the best bet. You can hire a six seater boat from the pier beside the Suwannaram temple and take a detour along this canal. The boat tour takes you on a journey through the orchid farms, the organic orchards and you could also witness the beautiful lotus fields. It is advised that on these tours you must also enjoy the Khao-Tung Hna-Tung (crusty rice) along with locals by the river side. The rice is served along with the shrimp dip.

Bangkok Noi Canal Boat Tour: A boat service for this relaxing route departs from Tha Chang Pier many times daily. It takes about an hour to reach Bang Yai, a district in Nonthaburi. Some leading attractions along Bangkok Noi canal are the Royal Barges Museum, Wat (temple) Sisudaram, Wat Nairong & Wat Phaowana Phirataram. Most of the attractions on this route are the temples. One also gets to see a contrast in picture when one passes through the old traditional houses of the local Thai people and then onto the temples.
Boat tour in Bangkok
Bangkok Yai Canal Boat Tour: The boat to explore this route can also be hired at the Tha Chang Pier. The attractions here are the Wat Sai Floating Market, Snake Farm, Wat Pak Nam, Wat Ko and the most famous attraction is Taling Chan Floating Market, where one could observe the traditional ways of living of a Thai local. The Taling Chan floating market operates every Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.

Prawet Bureerom Canal Boat Tour: Some of the famous attractions on this route are the Wat Krathum Sua Pla, Wat Lanbun, Wat Sangkharacha, Wat Lat Krabang & the Wat Pluk Sattha. The tour ends at the hundred year old and famous Khlong Suan Market. The market is bound to dazzle you with its old shop houses and the street side stalls selling the one of the tastiest tradition Thai food.

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Canal Boat Tour in Bangkok