The Enlightening beauty of Loi Krathong festival

Thailand’s visually stunning Loi Krathong festival is as fascinating as it is beautiful. ‘Loi’ means to float, while ‘Krathong’ refers to a lotus shaped container which floats on water. Loi Krathong is an auspicious annual festival celebrated throughout Thailand and Read more

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Diving Time!

It’s Diving Time! Explore Thailand’s Underwater Treasures When you arrive in Bangkok, you might find it hard to imagine that only a few hours’ drive from the capital’s urban environment, lies a world of a different kind: natural, wild, fresh. Read more

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Meditation Retreat

While in Thailand, Experience Buddhism: Meditation Retreat at Wat Kow Tahm on Koh Phangan The atmospheric chanting of the monks, their bright orange robes, glittering golden temples with exotic statues. These are the images a lot of tourists take home Read more

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Koh Phangan: Opposites Attract

Koh Phangan, an island in the Gulf Thailand in the South East of the Kingdom, resembles yin and yang. Yoga retreats and meditation centres to the West of the island, notorious party life to the East. Made famous by the Read more

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Thai Cooking Schools

If you are a Thai cuisine fan and wish to have a taste of this heavenly cuisine even when you are back home, then you must try to learn the important tricks that are taught at a whole host of Read more

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