Thai Culture

The Enlightening beauty of Loi Krathong festival

Thailand’s visually stunning Loi Krathong festival is as fascinating as it is beautiful. ‘Loi’ means to float, while ‘Krathong’ refers to a lotus shaped container which floats on water. Loi Krathong is an auspicious annual festival celebrated throughout Thailand and Read more

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Statues of the Buddha

Statues of the Buddha Bangkok’s numerous Buddhist temples house some splendid statues of the Buddha that are widely admired for their high artistic merits as well as being revered as sacred images by devotees. They may be colossal imposing figures Read more

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Famous Thais

I find it interesting how some areas of the world produce many creative, talented, brainy people, whose names are engraved in the pantheon of human scientists, artists, philosophers and extraordinary people of all sorts. And some areas don’t. I don’t Read more

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Bangkok Boat Tours

If you want to experience something that is authentically Thai then get on to one of the boat tours. The boat has been the traditional mode of transport for the Thai’s and a journey along its waterways makes for a Read more

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Thai Language

Wouldn’t it be great if you could converse with all the Thai merchants, friends, waiters, drivers and neighbors in their own language? Surely that would bring you closer to understanding their way of thinking, and provide a more enriching and Read more

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Thailand’s Holidays and Festivals

Thailand’s Public Holidays and Other Festivals   People always like to compare how many days off you get in different countries. The employers try to reduce the number of days when the businesses close, the workers prefer to increase them Read more

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