Coca Cola launches ‘Be Fizzy, Be Bold, Share a Coke’ campaign in Thailand. This is a really interesting and fun campaign, which aims to bring Thai people closer and be able to express themselves more.

coca cola Share a Coke campaign

Nick names of people and Thai expressions are printed on 250 million cans and bottles of Coca Cola. The company wants Thai people to be able to connect more with Coke as a brand. It also wants to improve its marketing and sales in the country.
More than 80 nicknames and 10 expressions, such as “Kon Naa-rak”, “Kon Jing-jai”, “Kon Pi-sed”, “Kon Suay”, and “Kon Lor”, have been chosen by Coca-Cola to print on its cans and bottles.  With an investment of Bt140 million, the campaign will run until the end of the year.
“We know that Thai people are positive and happy … But they are also very reserved about expressing how they feel about other people, especially when those feelings are mixed with special emotions or are particularly complimentary.

We want to make it easier for people to spread positive feelings and goodwill towards those they love or admire, because that is one of Coca-Cola’s most special brand attributes,” said Konstantinos Delialis, marketing director of Coca-Cola (Thailand), in his first interview with local media.
Coca-Cola (Thailand) posted Bt30 billion in sales last year. According to Nielsen, Coca-Cola sales grew by 21 per cent year on year as of June.
Coca-Cola (Thailand) last month introduced special-edition cans with the word “Mum” on them to mark Mother’s Day.

The campaign received strongly positive consumer response, with more than 5 million cans sold.
Delialis said Coca-Cola operated in 200 markets around the world and each market learned from the others. Originated in Australia, the “Share a Coke” campaign is now in 50 markets around the world. However, Thailand is the first country in Asia with the personal-nicknames campaign.
The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign has been a phenomenal success in Australia, the UK, Italy, France, Brazil, Austria, Germany, Greece and Israel too,” he said.

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