Don Muang Airport check in

Located on the outskirts of Bangkok around 20 kilometers north of the downtown, this district was once famed for it being the only International Airport in Bangkok. Its history of serving passengers goes back to 1924 and was known to handle 38 million passengers until it was replaced by Suvarnabumi International airport in the year 2006. Due to its past history of having an International airport, this place is well served by a lot of good hotels as also serves a good gateway because of innumerable expressways helping one reach his destination faster. This place is still a hot favorite among domestic travelers for its overnight stay options as well as among the travelers who are seeking a stay at the outskirts of the city, much away from the hustle and bustle of the town. In fact it has become a preferred destination owing to its great connectivity options to the main city. Let us explore this once famed International Airport and its nearby attractions.



Don Muang Airport: Let us first discover the Don Muang airport itself. It is host to certain domestic airlines such as Air Asia, Nok Air, Orient Thai & Solar Air. The airport has a simple layout with just two levels. The second floor is for departures whereas the first one is for arrivals. The check in counters for all the airlines would be found on the second floor and the car rentals or the limousine service on the first floor. Besides this, both level have souvenir shops, cafes, money exchangers, ATM’s and the medical services. Its around 50 kms from the Suvarnabhumi International and one could do well to either take a taxi or catch a bus (Number 554 or 555).

Don Muang Airport


Dream World: It is as good as any western theme park that you might have visited. Being very close to the Don Muang Airport, it is also easily accessible. It’s a must visit if you are there with your children. There are a lot of tempting entertainment rides which are not to be missed. The more popular ones are the Grand Canyon water rapids, Super Splash, The sky coaster – Raptor & the Hurricane flip. Besides the rides the amusement park also offers sights which are very scenic and can serve a good purpose for any kind of photography. The few scenic options are the love garden, elephant decorated garden and Shark & 7 wonders serve as good backdrop options. It’s a great pastime if you are with your children and family.

Royal Thai Air force Museum: This museum boasts of a small yet interesting collection. The place is a must visit for anyone interested in these flying machines. It gives the holistic view as it tends to showcase the historic development of this amazing fly bird. It is not great a collection for any plane specialist but an eventful sight if you are keen to learn about these big engines who dare to fly.

Chatuchak Weekend Market: It is easily accessible from Don Muang district and is just six kilometers from there. If you are here over the weekend, this eventful market is not to be missed at all. All your bargaining skills will come in very handy while you were here. The market has around 5000 to 6000 stalls and selling pretty much everything you can think of. It is the Thailand’s largest market and the world’s largest weekend market and receives 200,000 visitors each day. A must visit for any shopaholic wanting to get things cheaper.



Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok: Very convenient Airport Hotel with a good price. The best possible option for a transit traveler.

Miracle Grand Convention Hotel: Comfortable hotel with great hospitality. It’s a conference hotel and so a big hit with business travelers. Again, it is great for the transit traveler because of its close proximity to Don Muang Airport.