Anyone visiting Bangkok this October who is fan of mixed martial arts will want to pencil this into their diary! Yes, for one night only, Club Insanity will be packed full of eager spectators as they gather to watch the Rebels of MMA slug it out on to see who will reign supreme champion.

The organizers promise that there will be international participants from the world of mixed martial arts and that the fights will be full-contact. All in all you can expect to see a total of seven thrilling fights over the course of the evening.

There is a warm-up party which starts at 4pm although the doors actually open to the public at 5pm. Grab yourself a drink and make yourself comfortable for the first fight which is scheduled to take place at 6pm.

Tickets will set you back 2000 baht for floor passes, which promise a five star experience or 3,500 baht which gets you a podium pass and, rather bizarrely, cakes.
The organizers say that tickets are expected to sell out fast so if you want to be in with a chance of watching some edge of your seat, mixed martial art action, you should make sure you get yours now.

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