Whether you’re a vegetarian or a self-confessed carnivore Bangkok is a vibrant place to be during the annual Vegetarian Festival. Restaurants, cafes, hole in the wall eateries and street side stalls alike display fluttering yellow banners and flags to indicate that they’re taking part in the culinary festivities and whilst some will still be serving dishes containing meat, many vendors opt to go for a full vegetarian menu for the duration for the festival.

Whilst you will see restaurants with yellow flags all across the city (and indeed in other parts of Thailand, in particular Phuket where the festival is vigorously celebrated) due to the origins of the celebration being Chinese, the best place to experience both the food and the atmosphere will be around Bangkok’s Chinatown, which is also known as Yarowat. The temples are also busy during this time of year and offer a fascinating glimpse into the life of the Kingdom’s Thai-Chinese population.

The Vegetarian Festival takes place in the ninth lunar month of the Chinese calendar which is usually October. The dates may slightly differ from year to year although this year it takes place between the 5th and the 11th of October, inclusive.

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