Khao San Road backpacker

This place is mostly used as a base camp by all backpackers and budget travelers. It is because of this reason that you will see a lot of cheap guest houses and budget hotels adorn in this area. Besides this there a host of internet cafes, travel agents, bars, clubs, massage parlours and book shops which have mushroomed in this area. This is the essential backpackers den as they stop back here to plan for there journey’s ahead. Given the carefree and anything goes vibe of this place, it is increasingly becoming popular among the young hipsters of Bangkok. Let us take a sojourn of this place which is always brimming with travelers. Besides other activities, this place is also famous for its people watching activity.


Khao San Road nightlife

The nightlife at Khao San: Welcome to the starry nights at Khao San, it all starts in the night here. The neon lights do the magic as you can hear the music being played in the background from sound systems installed on the streets. The fun has already begun and there is no dearth of choices that this Road has to offer. You can hit the famous clubs here namely Silk Bar & Cinnamon or hang around in the quieter taverns of Hippie de Bar. You could find cocktails shacks on the streets running well equipped with plastic stools to attract the discerning traveler. The real thrifty travelers do well to buy a bottle of bear from the 7/11 shops and drink on the street itself.



Buddy Boutique Inn: It is the best hotel to stay on Khao San Road. It is made in an industrial design concept much loved by the young travelers.

NapPark: Best Speciality lodging you could get at Khao San. A good location and hit with the travelers.