Old city Grand Palace

Old city or Rattanakosin, takes you into the past culture & civilisation of Thailand. Situated just north of China town, it is home to the majestic grandeur of Thailand showcasing its most revered historical attractions. It calls for a must visit for a person serious to know the history and culture of Thailand. It for this reason that it is recommended to stay here for a few days to fully immerse in the Thailand saga. Let us begin by discovering a few places which define this area.



Wat Mahathat:  It is the headquarters of Thailand’s largest monastic order. It is an important centre for studying Buddhism and learning meditation. Though recently it is becoming increasingly popular amongst visitors for the course it offers on Vipassana Meditation. It is the oldest temple in Bangkok and is also visited by locals on Sunday when it runs an amulet market. The market showcases some religious amulets, charms, talisman & traditional medicines meant to bring you good luck or ward off evil. Be careful to buy the one that suits you the best.

Wat Suthat

Wat Suthat:  Built in the 19th century, this place houses 25 foot high Sakyamuni Buddha statue. It also features the huge red frame of a giant swing which was used in annual ceremonies to thank Lord Shiva.
The temple is famous for the Buddha statues and the spirituals retreats it offers.

National Museum:  The Bangkok National Museum boasts of the largest collection of Thai art and artefacts in the country. It is a feast for any traveller curious to know the various crafts of Thailand.

Wat Saket: This temple is famous for the Golden Mount situated on an artificial man made hill. It offers breathtaking views of the city if you were to climb the top. The climb is rewarding as you come across little waterfalls and Buddha statues on the top. If you happen to visit this place around November, then don’t forget to witness the annual temple fair.

Museum of Siam: It is the perfect place to go if you want to break the monotony of visiting the temples. Don’t get driven by the neo-classical building that houses this Museum as once inside you will be amazed to see how modern technology has been used to showcase the laurels of this fascinating museum. It is absolutely amazing as one tends to learn the history & culture of Thailand through playing games and is a highly interactive experience.



Aurum The River Place: A charming boutique hotel situated right on the river. It has an excellent location.

Arun Residence: Beautiful views of the Wat Arun temple. Located at the riverside, this ones a hidden Bangkok gem and offers a comfortable stay.

Chakrabongse Villas: Old city with a charming style, that’s what this place is all about. This place wins the laurel by its beautiful riverside location and romantic setting.