One of the few places in Bangkok which will offer you some respite from its hot weather is the Flow House in Bangkok. While getting away from the hot weather is just one of the many reasons to be here. There are a host of other reasons which make this place worth a visit. It serves as an ideal setting for a beach like environment because of its laid back approach to fun. The place promises to be the best bet for a person wanting to try out surfing as it has a Flow Rider simulated wave surfing machine which lets you learn and enjoy surfing at the same time. So if you have never experienced flow boarding before then this place promises to be your best bet as you can learn the same from the expert trainers present here for this purpose. If you are trying flow boarding for the first time then chances are that you will experience a fall within 0.02 seconds of your stepping onto the flow board. The flow boarding sport is actually an amalgamation of surfing and wakeboarding on an inflatable ramp which has a thin sheet of water pumped up and over it to simulate a perpetual breaking wave. The first experience of a fall might give you a shock but since it offers no pain as you will fall on a bouncy surface so it is great fun. The event of a fall actually elicits laughter from the audience spread all around. The fun doesn’t stop here as once you fall the water only propels you back onto the ramp again to get on with it again. This thrill can be yours for 750 baht an hour. The place is an ideal getaway along with family and friends.

Besides the Flow Rider which is the main attraction of this place, there are a host of other chill out options. These include a kids pool, sun-lounges, viewing deck, surf shop and a great beach style bar and restaurant that serves buckets of the famous Thai Singha beer along with burgers and fries. Now there is no need to plan a trip to the far off ocean as all of that fun can be had here. The Flow House opens every from 10 am to 10 pm and for a longer time on weekends.