The Hansaah Offers a Haven of Peace and Tranquillity in the Bustling City

The Hansaah is positioned within a small four storey building located in the vibrant residential district of Thungmahameek. This area is considered to be in the heart of the city and offers excellent local facilities and amenities. All seven rooms on offer are clean, tidy and well decorated, offering an enjoyable place to stay.

There is a constant flow of taxi’s outside this guest house, ensuring that you can be transported anywhere in the city with ease. However, it can be quite noisy, which is off putting for many people visiting Bangkok. The city is crowded and vibrant all day every day, so it is pleasant to escape to your room for some peace.

All rooms are supplied with black out curtains to ensure that darkness is guaranteed and that you can achieve a decent night’s sleep. The superior rooms that are located on the street are fitted with double glazing, which ensures that outside noise is eliminated. The other rooms are situated at the rear of the property, and these are far enough away from the noise for it not to be an issue.

The owners of the Hansaah are friendly and welcoming, ensuring that all of their guests are treated as individuals. They can be quizzed about local attractions, and will offer numerous pieces of advice to make your trip even more enjoyable. However, they can be unapproachable if there are issues, and they do not appreciate criticism, even if it is helpful.

There are several quirks that could be improved, which would make this guest house even more appealing. The additional charges for many things are unreasonable, including the excessive charge for a teabag. Reception is also used as the restaurant, which can be inconvenient if you are checking in late.

All areas including the rooms in the Hansaah are non smoking, which makes a pleasant change for Bangkok accommodation. The rooms do vary in size, but they all equipped well, and include, a flat screen TV, high speed WIFI and air conditioning. The bathrooms are incredibly clean, which is a massive plus point, but the hot water can be temperamental.

Dining in this guest house is a pleasant experience, and the restaurant is open daily from 7,30am to 10pm. Breakfast is served all day which is unique, and excellent for people that like to sleep late. From noon, there are traditional Thai dishes alongside French cuisine, which is as unusual touch in a guest house in Bangkok.

Breakfast is excellent in the Hansaah and consists of homemade bread, jam, yoghurt and freshly squeezed juices. You can also have French toast, crepes, bacon and eggs all cooked fresh to order, ensuring that you enjoy this vital meal of the day. The owners feel that every ingredient should be fresh, and bought locally to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

When visiting Bangkok it can be difficult to find somewhere that is inviting, and quiet to stay, however, the Hansaah appears to achieve the impossible. This guest house is small and welcoming, offering excellent food and service in a unique setting.