Spread over 200 acres the King Rama IX Park is the largest public park in Bangkok. It is home to a beautiful botanical garden, a magnificent lake and various gardens inspired from different countries across the globe. Located 15 kms away from the city centre, this place is not as much a hit with the foreign tourists as with the Thai locals. The centrepiece of this enormous park is a museum dedicated to the life of the King. The museum holds photos as well as paintings of the erstwhile King and information about the royal projects.

The main attraction here is the gardens representing a few countries. A wooden pavilion hidden in a walled garden is part of the Chinese garden. The garden is a representative of gardens seen in China and has a symbolic lily pond and miniature bridges running through it. The American garden which is housed in a large futuristic dome is reminiscent of the Nevada desert, the grounds here are sandy with a plenty of cactus plants. The ornate fountains and perfectly manicured hedges are a perfect example and almost symbolic of gardens seen in Italy. The French garden is equally awe inspiring and rejoices with an impressive colonnade and a statue reminiscent of Rodin’s great works. For an avid visitor keen to know about Thailand’s horticulture there is a huge botanical garden to suffice to his needs. There is large variety of beautiful flowers and trees here on display with orchids and indoor plants found in colonial inspired greenhouses. It is recommended to check out the Thakon Phrakia Pavillion situated in the middle of a lotus pond as it is a picture-perfect representation of classical Thai design.

King Rama IX Park

The King Rama Park is host to a range of recreational activities such as the Tai chi or the aerobics class, an outdoor fun gym with equipment fit for both children and adults like. Other activities include taking a ride in the lake in the duck and swan shaped pedal boats available here on rent or jumping on to the small train which takes you on a tour of this huge park. A whole host of ice cream and soft drink stalls abound in this area. If you want to have a substantial meal then come here around the lunch hours as you can find an array for street side food stalls selling barbequed chicken, noodles etc at the entrance of this park.

The park is open everyday from 5 am in the morning to about 6 pm in the evening and has an inexpensive entry fee of only 10 bahts. The best time to visit this park is around December when it hosts the annual flower festival. Beware of the resident lizards found in this area.

King Rama IX Park Suan Luan