The famous Klong Toey market is the Bangkok’s largest wet market. It is said that a faint hearted person should not visit this market as many a times you will also see things like blood oozing out from an animal’s raw meat. Don’t be surprised if a vendor just hands you a live duck to roast for your dinner. Freshly cut pig heads, fresh crabs and animal carcasses are a common sight here. The market is so huge that even if you are taking a walk in the Klong Toey district you will most likely discover this market. Besides the raw meat section which often times requires daring to be there, the market also sells fresh vegetables, fruits and other cooking products.

There are other shops which offer a whole variety of clothes, kitchenware & stationery products. Being the biggest slum & sea port area of Bangkok, this market is mostly crowded. If you are a curry lover, you will do well to find the best ingredients to lend a beautiful aroma to your dish. The market is famous for its sensory overload. The whole area looks a little dirty because of the raw meat and sea food items abound everywhere. But proper care is taken to make sure what you buy is pure and hygienic, wrapped well in plastic sheets. If you are hungry while hanging around in this market, a visit to a nearby street stall will do you a world of good, the Moo Moo soup is amongst the favourites here.

The market opens from 6 am in the morning and runs up to 2 am in the night. It is advised to visit this market early in the morning when it is less crowded. The buyer’s in this market includes the restaurant owners, the traders, the local housewives and a few foreign tourists as well. The nearest MRT station is the Klong Toey.

Klong Toey Market Squid