This huge 142 acre park with large public spaces is named after the birth place of Lord Buddha i.e. Lumpini in Nepal. The park is loved for its tranquil and serene environment. Many a locals as well as foreigners visit this park for a whole host of flora and fauna that this park has to offer. Besides this the park is also used for a lot of recreational activities.

Everyday before sunset you can lighten up yourself by joining the free aerobic sessions with nice high energy techno tunes playing in the background. Also the cycling tracks and the jogging track are also a great way to de-stress yourself here. An artificial lake in the middle of this park serves to be a great source of recreation for families with children as they tend to row the lake in the paddle boats available here for a rent. This park is liked by both young and old alike. Many a people lie down here because of large free public spaces available here. The local traders of Thailand make a quick buck by renting out mats, which one can use for a nap here.

On Sundays, the scene completely changes here because of local jazz artists who come to perform here for free. Beware of the water monitor lizards as they tend to move around this area. They are not harmful creatures and infact look like small crocodiles but it is best to away. These reptiles are known to be the urban survivors of the ancient Siam. The park is also home to Bangkok’s first public library and a dance hall.

The park also promises to be a great option for the avid foodie looking to have a taste of the Thai cuisine. A whole host of stalls abound this park serving local thai noodles (known as pad thai) and jim joom (meat & vegetable hot pot). For the really health conscious it is best to have the wheat grass juice, a local beverage meant to detoxify a person. The parks timings are from 4:30 in the morning to about 9 in the night. Built way back in 1920, Lumpini still promises to be a great recreation option for the Thai local as well as the foreign tourists.

Lumpini Park Orchids