The market is an initiative of the Farmers Marketing Association of Bangkok. It is for this reason that it is very well organised and famous amongst the visitors. It has been claimed as the 4th best fresh market of the world by one of the well known travel guides. Or Tor Kor refers to raw in Thai language and this market predominantly keeps all raw food items. The food items range from fresh fruits, vegetables, raw sea food and meat products as well as a host of other cooking ingredients such as condiments etc.

One would be surprised to see the variety and size of fruits available in this market. The real beauties to look for here are the mangoes, the durians and the bananas. Starting initially as an agricultural collective this place has mushroomed into an upscale outdoor food market. Besides a host of raw food items, there is a vast range of Thai sweets available here. The most famous and popular ones are the Kanom Krok (grilled coconut pancake), sticky rice sweets, steamed palm sugar desserts and the Kanom Bueng (Coconut crepes). The market is also host to a great variety of ready to eat meals in various types and servings.

Another attraction of this market is the small food court selling delicious Thai food. Some of the popular dishes served here are the braised duck noodles, fried oyster pancakes, pad thai and various other noodle soups. The place is a popular haunt of the avid foodie and the Chef community. Once here, one must also try to savour the cuisines of the nearby restaurants such as Rot Det & the Sut Jai Kai Yaang. The market is open from 8am to 8pm and is located opposite the Chatuchak Weekend market.