Pahurat as it is called in the Thailand language is also known as the little India and is located in the neighbourhood surrounding the Pahurat Road in the Phra nakhon district in Bangkok. It is supposed that Pahurat have derived its name from Bharat which means India in the hindi language. Many a people from the South Asian descent abound in this area. This area is famous amongst Indians residing here and visiting Indians alike. A Sikh community settled in this area around a century ago. Besides the Sikhs you will also see a lot of South Asian Hindus & Muslims living in this area. Let us take a detour of this Little India and list down a few important attractions of this area.

Textile Market: The famous textile market which still exists in this area was initially started by the Sikh Community a century ago as an important textile trading centre. Located in the centre of the Little India this market is still the cultural heart of the Indian community in Thailand. The lanes are filled with fabrics for sale, some made in Thailand but mostly woven in India. You will also find a great range of ready to wear clothes in this market. Besides the textiles, which is the main feature of this market you will find a whole host of other Indian goods in this market. The market opens at 9 am and runs until 6 pm in the evening.

Sri Guru Singh Sabha: Guru Singh Sabha is a place of worship visited by the Sikh as well as the Hindu community alike. The golden domed Sri Guru Singh Sabha is an important landmark of the Pahurat area.

Restaurants: A whole host of Indian restaurants and street food options abound in this area. We have chosen to review a couple of important ones.

Rang Mahal: Slightly upmarket and more expensive than any other Indian restaurant in this area. This one’s a hit for serving the best known Indian cuisines in Thailand. Situated in the top floor, this restaurant with a lovely ambience offers breathtakingly awesome views of the city of Bangkok. Famous amongst both Indians and foreigners alike this pace promises to be a great culinary experience. Tandoori Chicken and Raan are the clear cut favourite dishes of this restaurant.

Toney Restaurant: It’s a budget restaurant famous for serving reasonably affordable dishes. You could easily stuff yourself here with as little as three US dollars. The chicken masala served here is clearly amongst the most popular dishes. It serves as a good break if you are done with your quota of having the Thai cuisine.