The market is named after the canal that it surrounds known as the Pak Klong. Much before the flower market set scene here, it was home to the largest wholesale vegetable market in Bangkok. You could still find a whole lot of shops selling fruits, vegetables and spices from the roofed market nearby. But the scene has completely changed since the flower market has set foot here. It is now renowned as the biggest fresh flower market in Bangkok. The place is home to the most exotic varieties of the flower produce one can possibly see. As the biggest flower market in Bangkok, the flower range here includes  the local variety such as jasmine, chrysanthemum, gerbera, orchids, lilies, roses and the imported variety such as tulips, snapdragons, iris, lisianthus, delphinium and more. The prices of this mammoth variety of flowers are very cheap because of it being a wholesale market. There are whole host of  flower arrangements and decorations ranging from vases, flower pots, floral foam, ribbons, florist wire, twigs and even assorted bouquets. Many a vendors in this market specialise in flower arrangement services and cater to the weddings and other big events in the city.

The most fascinating feature of this market is a whole host of vendors who craft the Phuong malai (Thai style flower garlands) for selling in the market. Phuong malai are made by threading a needle through tiny pieces of jasmine and other flowers to create circular bouquets or garlands as they are traditionally called. These garlands are used as traditional offerings to Buddha and Hindu god images present inside the temples. The flower garlands thus are considered very auspicious for any religious ceremony.

The market opens 24 hours a day and the best time to visit is during the pre-dawn hours from 2 to 3’o clock in the night when the market receives its shipments of the flower produce.