The Paragon Cineplex offers a great escape from the routine living of Bangkok. If you are tired of the shopping scene and need a break to enjoy with family and friends then this promises to be the best bet. It is one of those cinema going experiences that you will find hard to forget. The Paragon Cineplex boasts of a huge area of around 25,000 square meters and is housed inside the Siam Paragon Shopping mall. It is sure to enchant the visitor with its diverse range of entertainment options. This entertainment fiesta comprises of a 16 screen multiplex movie theatre. The few good options that are worthwhile exploring here are the Enigma Shadow screen on the 6th floor, the Nokia Ultra Screen and finally the Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theatre. This Bangkok cinema scene is bound to overwhelm you with its majestic experience and leave you feeling like you belong to the royalty. Well, take a backseat on one of those King sized chairs as we take you on a journey through one of the biggest Cineplex’s in Bangkok.

Nokia Ultra Screen
The Nokia Ultra Screen is all about that royal experience that you have long cherished for. The three VIP theatres in this category have lesser number of seats and so you can have a relaxed and comfortable sitting while watching your favourite blockbuster. Infact the total number of seats in all the 3 VIP theatres is just a 100 seats, thus offering plenty of leg space. To add to the comfort these theatres have motorised reclining seats. The ticket for the royal pampering costs 800 baht but it is well worth its price as it includes a drink, snacks and a complimentary foot massage. An important tip while here is to buy a member card for 50 baht which will enable a discount of 100 baht on the VIP tickets.

If you are in a mood to splurge then Enigma proves to be the best experience. A ticket to experience this luxury costs about 3000 baht. It is renowned as one of the most fanciest and expensive options on the movie-watching arena. The royal experience starts here with a range of wines and whiskey’s being offered to the elite customer. Though the quantity is limited to only one complimentary drink but the choice of brands more than make up for it as the choice include exemplary brands like Jacob’s Creek (Wine) & Chivas Regal (whiskey) to name a chosen few. Besides you will be served with a sizeable amount of snacks including pasta, crepes and whole lot of other vegetarian food options and of course desserts. After this magnanimous experience you can just make yourself comfortable on any of the 34 sofa beds meant to give you that ample pleasure. The soft drinks here are complimentary and so you can watch your much loved movie while rejoicing the soft-drinks here on offer.

Siam Pavalai Royal Grand Theatre
It is a Royal Grand theatre and is one of the most luxurious movie theatres in Thailand with over 1,200 seats. This grand theatre can actually be host to any prestigious and international event. It is the only theatre in Thailand that offers box seats.