Immensely popular with the Thai children is the Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo. It is on the agenda of the school trips of almost all schools here. It offers spectacular shows of Elephants as well as Crocodiles depicting the Thai culture. The Samphran Elephant Ground & Zoo is located approximately 1 hour to the west of Bangkok in Nakhon Pathom province. The main highlights are events such as The Elephant Theme Show and The Crocodile Wrestling Show, tropical gardens and waterfalls, an orchid nursery, etc. There is also the famous Erawan Restaurant offering international cuisine. Let us try and explore the main highlights of this place.

The Elephant Theme Show: The main highlight of this place is its Elephant shows. The Elephants are made to perform certain tricks by there trainers. These range from plucking flowers, spraying water to dancing as well. The entire show is a feast for the visitors. These are an important part of the Thai culture and the Elephants are symbolic considering they have a long history associated with Thailand. After the show one can feed the Elephants with bananas and sugar cane available at the venue for a price. The feeding activity also forms part of taking memorable pictures here. One could also take a ride on these elephants by paying an extra fee.

The Crocodile Wrestling Show: The Crocodile show is even more fascinating with the trainer trying to put his head into the wild crocodile’s mouth. The wild reptile and the trainer tend to wrestle with each other trying to awe the visitor. The show is a true delight for children and adults alike.

Magic Show: The Magic Show is another great experience that this place has to offer. The show has standards which are truly world class. The range of tricks showcased here are phenomenal.

One could also have a great adventure in the waterfalls here. Set amidst natural surroundings, the waterfalls prove to be a great retreat for a nature lover. The park opens at 8:30 in the morning and runs until 5:30 pm in the evening.