Siam Ocean World is the Southeast Asia’s largest oceanarium and it is equally phenomenal. It boasts of having 30,000 sea creatures representing the length and breadth of the oceans around the globe. Located two storeys below the Siam Paragon shopping mall, this mammoth underground aquarium of the size of three Olympic sized swimming pools is bound to be an overwhelming experience for the visitor. The area of this huge aquarium stretches to about 10,000 square meters. The highlight of this aquarium is the 270 degree underground tunnel offering panoramic views to the amazingly beautiful sea beings. Diving into the ocean and having a swim with the sharks is also possible at an additional fee provided you have a diving licence. The other fun events at the venue are the live feedings for both sharks as well as penguins. Time yourself to see both, as the shows run around the same time. The Siam Ocean world is divided into seven zones and each zone represent different parts of the marine habitat. Let us take a dive into all of these seven zones and see what all they have to offer.

Siam Ocean World

The Weird and Wonderful Zone: Walk into this zone and be prepared to be enthralled by the rare and often bizarre looking creatures. This zone houses the gigantic spider cabs and the alien looking nautilus shells which are known to be a prehistoric species dating back a million of years ago.

The Living Ocean: Up next is the living ocean zone where you see a range of sea fish swimming happily. Don’t be surprised if a mermaid just pops its way out of the corals. Here you can also get onto a glass bottom boat to journey into this vast and amazing tunnel. This guided tour promises to be an educational retreat as you tend to learn about the various marine species.

The Amazon & the Rainforest zone: This zone is home to the huge tropical fishes such as the Arapana which are known to swallow a monkey in one go. The other attractions here are the lazy cave catfish, some unusual frogs, snakes and a giant tortoise.

The Rocky Shore Zone: This zone is witness to the largest rats that you would find on earth and are as big as a dog. These water rats are not anywhere closer to the ones found at your home and live feeding on mollusk and small fish. Another interesting attraction here is the lovable penguins. Please also make sure to be part of the live feeding sessions here.

The Deep Reef: The ‘Deep Reef’ zone is home to some of the most fascinating reef dwellers in the world. Amongst these are the bat fish, the humped head Maori Wrasse and the Blue Tang.

Siam Ocean World

The Open Ocean: This large underwater tunnel is known as the Open Ocean. Here you can enjoy panoramic views of the world’s largest whales and the huge sucker fish clinging on to the surface of the tank. This Plexiglas underground tunnel is the main highlight at Siam Ocean world and extends all around. At the other end of the tunnel, children can touch and enjoy the feel of a starfish and witness an empty shark egg. It promises to be an enriching experience as all along you are also being educated about the marine life.

The Sea Jellies Zone: The last section in the Siam Ocean is reserved for the Jelly fish. The sight of a jelly fish gliding effortlessly in the water is a blissful experience. These are displayed in fluorescent tanks which makes them look all the more beautiful.

Besides the Seven intriguing zones, the Siam Ocean World has a 5D cinema which is meant to be an exhilarating experience given its awesome effects. A whole host of cafeteria also abound in this area. The Siam Ocean World runs everyday from 10 am to 9 pm.

Siam Ocean World