The Siam Park City is an amusement as well as water park spread over 120 acres. It is also considered to be the biggest theme park of Bangkok (Thailand). Located in the Khan Na Yao district, this park witnesses up to 2 million visitors every year and has some of the largest rides in this region. It was opened to the public in the year 1975 with a vision to bring happiness into the lives of the local Thai people, especially children. In addition to the amusement park, the water park was also conceived to create an oasis in the city far from the madness of the city. This was also a need because there were no beaches in Bangkok as opposed to entire Thailand which had many. In the year 2003, the Guinness Book of World records certified the wave pool here to be the largest in the world measuring up to 13,600 square meter and as the only such man made beach in the world. It is said that the water slides here are the most testing as compared to the rest of the world. One needs a certain amount of daring to manoeuvre these safely.

Siam Park City

In addition to the water park, the amusement park has its own set of attractions to vie the visitor. Starting with a few rides initially, the park now boasts to have around 30 rides. The park has witnessed a constant set of renovations and is currently running in full swing.

Siam Park is separated into four main zones, the water park, the amusement park and a theme park (Siam Genius). The amusement park is then separated into 4 sub zones namely the Fantasy World, X-zone, Family world and Small World. The park’s endeavour is to appeal to people of all ages. For children if it is the rides for adults there are things like the amphitheatre which regularly puts on shows from various countries. All in All, the park promises to be a total entertainment for the entire family.

Siam Park City Boomerang

Some of the main attractions or the rides of the Theme Park are the Vortex (one of the two largest suspended looping coasters in the world), the Boomerang (reverse roller coaster with 3 loops), the Siam Park tower (a 100 m high observation tower), the Aladin & the Trabant (the two famous rides) and the African & Jurassic park adventure.

The Water Park is open everyday from 10 am to 5 pm and the amusement park runs from 11 am to 6 pm.