The Taling Chan Floating Market is located on the canal Khlong Chak Phra. This is the best place to be if you are tired of the urban living of Bangkok. Just around 12 kms away from Bangkok, the Taling Chan Floating Market promises to be a great weekend getaway. Located on the suburbs of Bangkok and in the Taling Chan district, the floating market is a sure delight for anyone wanting to explore the rich traditional past of Thailand. In fact floating markets such as these and the damnoensaduak are an integral part of the Thai culture. The Taling Chan Floating market opens over the weekends making it a definite haunt for the local Thai as well as the discerning traveller. The idea for the floating market here was initiated by Chamlong Srimuang in 1987 to honour King Bhumibol’s 60th birthday. This is a great initiative by Chamlong since floating markets which were considered to be an old way of life of the Thai people, had vanished entirely from Bangkok for quite a long time. There are whole host of activities which one could explore while he was here. Let us look at a few prominent activities that you can indulge in while in this area.

Dining: It’s a great experience to have your meal at the boats parked by the riverside. The very awesome variety of Thai food is bound to delight you. You can get everything you desire here in the Thai cuisine but the real show stealers are the sea food and the famous Som Tum. The sitting here is mostly on floor with food being served on low tables. If you are not able to sit on the floor then there are also options where in you have plastic stools and chairs to sit on. You could get good 4-5 giant prawns here for 200 bahts. The contrast here is that on one side you see the cooks cooking the fish and on the other side you see a whole variety of fishes swimming in the water. To add to the exotic atmosphere, a group of Thai traditional musicians play for a few hours adding a real nice touch to the entire experience.

Boat Trip: Just near to the dining area are the famous traditional long tail boats. You can venture on one of them to take a brief visit to any of the nearby canals. En route you will experience the thai traditional life via its old thatched houses and old fashioned ways of living. Amongst the popular sights to savour are the temples on this boat trip. These boat adventures can be had for as little as a 100 bahts.

Massage: After having rejoiced your meal and the much loved boat trip it is time for a siesta. Please enjoy a good massage here offered at as low as 200 bahts per hour. It serves to be a rejuvenating experience and you can just lay down for a short nap amidst the trees. Just remember to carry cash here as no credit cards would work.

The local market: The local market or the market on boats sells fresh fruits, vegetables and immense variety of fish.

This amazing suburban experience can only be availed on weekends from 8 am to 5 pm.