Thonglor Pet Hospital is a full serviced 24 hour pet hospital that was founded in 1994. They provide a wide range of treatment for the animals including ophthalmology, dental, diabetic, reproductive, cancer, newborn, behavioral and ICU services and many more. The hospital is fully equipped with modern treatment technologies to provide best care for your pet. Moreover, the veterinarians and staffs of this hospital is highly professional and dedicated to provide the care for the animal and everyone there is a real animal lover. The hospital is huge that provides all kind of treatment and boarding service as well. They also have several vets who can really speak good English which has given this hospital an international aspect. The hospital has different specialized centers and clinics such as ophthalmology clinic, dermatology and allergy clinic, cardiology clinic, oral and dental clinic, surgery and anesthesia clinic, orthopedic clinic, tumor cancer clinic and many more.