Thailand Knowledge Park or TK Park as it is popularly known is located inside the Central World, a huge shopping complex in Bangkok. The TK Park is state of the art knowledge and learning centre. It has a multimedia library which helps cultivate reading and learning habits in children. Besides the library there are internet centres, a 4D movie theatre and a whole host of other media facilities. The premise at TK Park is to provide an innovative learning environment for the children of Thailand. The use of multimedia library and 4D movie theatres serves for an enjoyable learning experience. The TK Park is owned and operated by the Thailand Government. It draws inspiration from other world learning centres such as Sendai Mediatheque (Japan), Idea Store (England), and the world-famous George Pompidou Centre in Paris. Let us take a look at some of the important highlights of the TK Park.

Living Library: Living library or the multimedia library boasts of a collection of books, journals and electronic media on a variety of topics. The Library uses innovative tools such as games to improve the learning capability in a child.

Mind Room: The Mind Room serves as a platform or forum to exchange your views and ideas to foster creativity. The forum involves exposing you to various platforms such as art and architecture, fashion, film and music to give a boost to your creative mind.

Quiet Room: There is a Quiet Room for the serious students who want to concentrate to enrich their knowledge by reading and researching books and journals.

Music Library: Essentially an area to learn music as also research about famous musicians all over the world. The collection here is huge ranging from CD’s, DVD’s and also viewing them online on PC’s. One could also listen to his famous music artist by using the headphones available here.

Dream Yard: Dream Yard is essentially a place where you can explore your artistic and creative expressions. One can sing, dance or even perform theatre here. This room is well equipped.

Projection Room: A projection room is used for screening of short films and animation movies and serve as an innovative learning experience for children. The presence of guest speakers makes it a holistic learning experience.

The timings for the Thailand Knowledge Park is from 10 am to 8 pm and is located on the 8th floor of the Central World.