A very important survival guide when visiting a foreign land is learning a few phrases and sentences in the country’s mother tongue. It breaks the language barrier and happily surprises the natives of the country! I can’t forget my driver’s typical Thai smile. (I had heard so much about) He forgot the way to one of the places I wanted to visit and with anxiety on his face he was trying to figure it out. And was so happily surprised when I said to him “mai pen rai”- Never mind!

So here is a list of Basic English phrases converted into Thai to make your travel to the country easier and fun!

Hi!   sa-was-dee  

Good morning!   a-roon-sa-was

Good evening!   sa-yan-sa-was  

Welcome! (to greet someone)   yin-dee-ton-rab 

How are you?   sa-bai-dee-mai   

I’m fine, thanks!   sa-bai-dee, kob-kun

And you?   leaw-kun-la

Good/ So So.  kor-dee/ reauy-reauy

Thank you (very much)!   kob-kun-(mak)   

You’re welcome! (for “thank you”)   mai-pen-rai   

Hey! Friend!   ngai-puan   

missed you so much!   chan/phom-kid-thung-kun-mak   

What’s new?   mee-a-rai-mai-bang   

Nothing much   mai-mee-ar-rai-mak   

Good night!   ra-tee-sa-was   

See you later!   leaw-jor-kan-mai   

Good bye!   la-kon  


Asking for Help and Directions

I’m lost   chan/phom-long-tang

Can I help you?   hai-chan/phom-chuay-a-rai-mai-ka/krab  

Can you help me?   chuay-chan/phom-noi-dai-mai-ka/krab

Where is the (bathroom/ pharmacy)?   houng-num(bathroom)/ ran-kay-ya(pharmacy) 
yoo tee nai?

Go straight!   trong-pai  

I’m looking for john.   chan/phom-kam-lang-ha-John-yoo   

One moment please!   pab-neung-na   

Hold on please! (phone)   theu-sai-roo-sak-kru-na-ka/krab   

How much is this?   an-nee-tao-rai   

Excuse me ! (to ask for something)   kor-thod-ka/krab

Excuse me! ( to pass by)   kor-tang-noi-ka/krab  

Come with me!   ma-kab-chan/phom/si   

Never Mind   mai pen rai

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