Thanks to the enduring reputation of Thailand as a hot tourist destination, tour guides are now in more demand than ever before. Thanks in part to more Chinese and Russian citizens now having the means and the ability to travel to foreign destinations there is a huge need for bilingual guides in some of the Kingdom’s most popular resorts. In fact the Thai tourist industry estimates that more than 4,000 guides who can speak two or more languages are urgently needed.
To try and attract more candidates in order to fill the roles the Thai government this week lowered the requisite minimum education requirement for tour guides from grade nine to grade four meaning that anyone who is fluent in Chinese, Korean or Russian should now find it easier to become a guide – especially considering that previously anyone wanting to apply as a tour guide needed to have a bachelor’s degree.
Somsak Pureesrisak, the Minister for Tourism and Sports has even gone so far as to break down the numbers needed saying that 2,000 Chinese speaking guides, 1,500 Russian speaking guides and 1,000 Koreans speaking guides are required.
The race is on to fill the vacancies as the Kingdom prepares for the start of the high season – and prepares to welcomes even more Chinese, South Korean and Russian visitors than ever before. Thai Guide to seaside