The Thai and Chinese government decided last week to waive tourist visas for tourists coming from the other country.

“Waiving visas is inevitable because the number of Chinese tourists to Thailand is really big,” says Vichit Prakobgosol, honorary director for the Thai-Chinese Tourism Alliance Association and chairman of travel service consultancy CCT Group. He also said that with the waiving of visas, the number of tourists coming from China will increase to 5 million in the next year.
China is the biggest source of tourists for Thailand. The waiving of visas should encourage the travel industry’s growth even further.
Wang Dong, a Chinese businessman in Bangkok, says that saving time is more important than saving money, and offers better scope for business.

”The Thai visa is not as difficult or expensive to get but as a frequent visitor who lives in a small city, I have to hire a travel agency to help me mail my documents to the consulate in Shanghai. It’s a nuisance,” he says
Today’s younger generation is always looking at spontaneous travel plans, hence the visa exemption can spur them to make independent travel plans to Thailand instantly!
The visa exemption shows a lot of trust and friendliness in each other and is a good step towards making people feel comfortable.

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