Victory Monument areaTo many Victory Monument in Bangkok is a place known for hosting one of the most chaotic public transport scenes in Bangkok. Well it is actually so as it serves as the nodal point for all public vehicles leaving to and from the city and to the nearby beach towns of Bangkok. Amongst this cacophony this place is also known to be famous for its eateries and the night scene. But first let us talk about where it got its name from. The place gets its name from a large military monument which was erected way back in 1941 to commemorate the victory of Thailand in the Franco Thai war.  Victory Monument and its surrounding area has also gained in popularity amongst the Thai working class who find it a better alternative to the swanky areas of Bangkok which they cannot possibly afford. Let us journey into this area to find out what’s in its air and a few of its popular attractions.
Phyathai Palace

Located to the west of the Victory Monument roundabout this place was once a country cottage for King Rama V and his wife where they would stay on the weekends and enjoyed living on the farm. Built in 1909 by King Rama V, this palace houses five buildings which are reminiscent of the neo gothic and Romanesque style of architecture. The palace witnessed a transformational journey when it was turned into a hotel and eventually as hospital after the World War II. It is today known as the Phramongkutklao Hospital and is open to public who are interested in witnessing the Thai Heritage. Guided tours are held on Saturdays from 9:30 pm to 1:30 pm.
Bangkok Dolls Museum

The Bangkok Doll Factory & Museum houses an interesting collection of both Thai and foreign dolls on display. All these dolls are made up here at a local factory and are reflective of the Thai heritage. This place is a must visit for any Thai culture enthusiast. The museum has both antique and modern products at display and is also representative of how the age old tradition of making dolls has been passed on to the new generations. You could also fancy yourself by buying one of the dolls available for sale here. The Museum opens from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.
The Eating scene

Victory Monument area is particularly popular with the Thai’s famous Boat Noodles. The best place to savor these is at the Sud Yod Guey Tiaow Reua which is located northeast of the monument at the Ratchawithi Soi 10. Another place which is home to street stall and shop-house eateries serving tasty and affordable food is the Soi Rang Nam area located to the south of the Monument on Phyathai Road. Once here you must make it a point to try and eat the beef noodles available at Rang Nam Beef noodles, a shop house restaurant. The other popular restaurants which abound the Victory Monument area are Café de Norasingh (located inside Phra Mongkut Hospital), Jakkee Restaurant, the Mobile Steak, Pla Dib and the Puritan.

The Night Life

The Victory Monument area is known for the diverse variety of Night life options that it has on offer.  The Nightlife scene here is replete with its range of options including the street side drink stalls to hosting the city’s popular Jazz bars and the wine clubs. The area promises to lure you with its sheer range of options that can fit in well with any kind of budget. The most popular night out options here are the Saxophone Pub, Sky Train Jazz Club and the Pullman Bangkok King Power, a wine pub.